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On Feb 7, 2010, at 6:05 AM, Jasper Frumau <jasperfrumau at gmail.com>  

> Thanks for all these tips!!! I am overwhelmed! I will check  
> Interarchy as well on eor two others . As a client I use Filezilla,  
> For an FTP server, which I was actually looking for I am going to  
> give ProFTPD a try. I will check if Interarchy can do that was well..

I'm a big fan of pureFTPd, it is easy to configure, all set via one  
command at startup, so no config file. (you can use one if you want,  
it's converted to a one line startup command)

It is used in some massively large installations, and has active  
development. The developer, from what I can gather, builds and tests  
for OS X, which is a huge plus.

The Portfile, which I've been maintaining, is up to date and installs  
as far as I know, correctly to MacPorts approved locations.

PureFTPd is also localized to many languages.

If you are inclined to skip MacPorts, there is a full GUI based, OS X  
native installer and manager called pureFTPd manager.  I think an  
Apple Design Award app.  It may be a few small versions out of date,  
but makes admin a snap.

The manager must be run on the server, which is a small inconvenience,  
though if you use MySql for the backend, which I believe you can do in  
the manager, then the one thing you do most, managing users, can be  
done remotely.

I really like the MacPorts version, and using MySql with it once  
configured, creates a trivial server to add/manage your users in. It  
is also fast at auth and transfers. Muchbfaster than OS X's built in  
FTP for sure.

The last I saw on the users mailing list was a call for which FTP apps  
worked or did not work with pureFTPd. I don't think there were any  
that were not resolved.

Pure and Pro are both solid, I've found Pure to be easier, and implied  
by their user base to be capable of handling larger ISP type installs,  
with docs catering to ISP setup.

Some reading for you to help you make the decision based on your needs:



A lot of comments on vsftpd for security and it's ability to chroot  
users without plugins. I've never seen a plugin for Pure, and chroot  
is there, easily enabled, and highly customizable per user, server  
wide, virtual hosted, or static hosted with either system users,  
database backed users, or internal Pam based users

Good luck.
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