py25-modulegraph-devel: conflicting version information

Joshua Root jmr at
Thu Feb 11 17:53:57 PST 2010

On 2010-2-12 02:43 , Walter Scheper wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm trying to build git-cola, an application that depends on py2app, which in turn depends on modulegraph. When I try to build the application it appears that modulegraph is reporting it's version as which causes to raise a VersionConflict exception because it requires modulegraph>=0.7.3.
> The conflicting part comes in when I look at __version__ in modulegraph/, which is set to 0.7.1. 
> This leaves me with two questions: is the version of modulegraph that is installed 0.7.3 (as suggested by macports) or 0.7.1 (as suggested by, and where exactly is dredging up

Ask upstream. If you download modulegraph 0.7.3 from pypi, you'll see
that its says the version is 0.7.1. suggests that you may actually have py25-modulegraph-devel

- Josh

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