Perl5, dependent install, Version, and variants

Keith J. Schultz keithjschultz at
Mon Feb 15 04:27:35 PST 2010

Hi All,

	I have a several  of questions so please bear with me.

	I needed wget and decided to finally start installing
	macport on my MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard,
	last week.

	All was fine. I noticed wget has a lib-dependancy on 
	perl5. To my surpise no perl5 stuff was installed.
	Fine to it used evidently the native Mac version.

	Over the weekend I wanted to try bluefish out.
	I ran sudo port -d install bluefish-devel.
	I was shocked with I notice that perl5.8.9
	was being installed.

	Actually, this should not be a problem because
	in the man page I can set defaults write Version 5.10.0.
	Well, no Luck. I log out and in and even restarted, still
	would not give me perl10.0.0.

	1) Bug or missing feature that the MacPort perl does not
	     check for versioner? Or should I have to set this in .profile?

	2) Why was not perl10.0.1 from macport installed instead of
	    5.8.9 when running Snow Leopard ?

	Since bluefish was not what I wanted/expected, I remove 
	Macports and reinstalled wget. This I check perl5 and noticed
	the perl5.10 variant. So I installed perl5 +perl5.10.
	O.K. perl10.0.1 was installed I can live with that.
	3) If I install any that depends on perl5 will perl5.8.9
	     be installed or is perl5.10.1 respected?
	I am not that much into variants, but want to make sure
	that 32 and 64 bit version are installed. I do not want
	PPC code.
	5) What variants do I use?
	6) How do ensure that the proper variants are use for 
	    dependent builds?
	Thanx in advance

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