Pretty basic question re: KDE, window managers etc.

Al Szymanski aszy at
Tue Feb 16 19:32:10 PST 2010

Running and working with MacPorts X11 as well as Apples X11.
All of the following apply only to the MacPorts X11.

To my knowledge I have no "window manager" running on either - I am making
the assumption that I am some type of generic X11 display process.
I can find no .xinitrc in my directories.

Question Number One: What do I do to verify this assumption? What window manager is being used?

Under my MacPorts X11 install, I want to install KDE and perhaps Gnome for evaluation purposes.

Question Number Two: preface: Once either is installed, I understand that an .xinitrc file is created that I
can edit. As I have none now, I do not know what to expect.
How do I edit the .xinitrc file  to no longer make use of KDE or Gnome if I choose?

Question Number Three: Once I have run KDE or Gnome, and then edit the .xinitrc file to "relieve them of duty", will I default back to what
ever is passing for a windows manager I have now? Or will I be in some way crippled?

Thanks to all. Al

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