"sudo port upgrade outdated" fills HDD

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Wed Feb 17 14:38:13 PST 2010

On Feb 17, 2010, at 08:59, Sam Kuper wrote:

> I just ran "sudo port -f -p clean --all all", which completed OK as far as I can tell, and then "sudo port upgrade outdated". The latter command has got as far as "---> Building boost" but seems now to be stuck there and is now simply eating hard drive space. I had 3.03GB free hard disk space when I ran the command, and now, 20 minutes later, have only 1.09GB free and this is decreasing by 0.01GB every few seconds. Is this normal? If not, what am I doing wrong?

Yes, this is normal. I was surprised by this too last time I upgraded boost, but boost seems to need about 5-6GB free hard drive space to build and install. After it's all built and installed, it occupies about 1.3GB.

> PS. Before posting here, I sought help via the FAQ, the problems hotlist, a web search, the IRC channel, and the bug tracker. The latter wouldn't let me log in to file a new bug and the others didn't provide any apparently satisfactory solutions, so here I am on the mailing list!

What error did you see when trying to log in to the issue tracker?

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