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Wed Feb 17 22:20:58 PST 2010

On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 12:48 AM, Dan Ports <dports at>wrote:

> I don't know what's going on with your gnucash-docs problem (sounds
> like it's a problem with xulrunner, though)

Thanks. Yes, I think xulrunner seems missing or not working. Hard for me to
see how to solve that. But as you will read in a bit GnuCash has priority

> -- but in answer to your
> other questions:
> On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 05:20:20PM +0300, Jasper Frumau wrote:
> > GNUCash itself installed well. It took a long time though. Felt like I
> was
> > installing a Linux Distribution.. When starting from the commandline I
> get:
> Not too surprising -- I think once you pull in all of gnucash's
> dependencies you've got over a hundred ports installed.

I see. Ok, not to worry.

> > gwenhywfar-INFO: plugin.c:  584: Plugin type "ct" unregistered
> > gwenhywfar-INFO: plugin.c:  584: Plugin type "configmgr" unregistered
> > gwenhywfar-INFO: plugin.c:  584: Plugin type "dbio" unregistered
> >
> > What is the printing of unregistered plugins for? Will it harm the
> > functioning of GnuCash?
> No, this is fine. They're printed when gnucash exits to indicate that
> the plugins (whatever they are!) are being unloaded. The wording is
> certainly confusing.

OK. Well on start-up of GnuCash I get an error pop-up saying:

*An Error occurred while loading or saving configuration information for
GnuCash. Some of your configuration settings might not work properly*.
I cannot remove this error but I can try to settle it by clicking on setup
on a another screen that says:
*Cannot find default values. The configuration data to specify default
values for GnuCash cannot be found in the default sytem locations. Without
this data GnuCash will still operate properly, but it may require some extra
time to setup. Do you wish to setup the configuration data?*
. When I chose update search path > GnuCash update search path things just
crash and in the Console I get these errors:

2/18/10 8:34:33 AM    [0x0-0x259259].org.x.X11[28422]    gnc.bin-Message:
main: binreloc relocation support was disabled at configure time.
2/18/10 8:34:33 AM    [0x0-0x259259].org.x.X11[28422]    Xlib:  extension
"RANDR" missing on display "/tmp/launch-2FLfqI/:0".
2/18/10 8:34:33 AM    [0x0-0x259259].org.x.X11[28422]    Dynamic session
lookup supported but failed: launchctl terminated abnormally without any
error message
2/18/10 8:34:52 AM    [0x0-0x259259].org.x.X11[28422]
 (gconftool-2:39257): GConf-WARNING **: Failed to load source
"xml:readonly:/etc/gconf/gconf.xml.system": Failed: Could not make directory
`/etc/gconf/gconf.xml.system': No such file or directory

When I choose option two: You update the search path in~/gconf.path and open
the file to add:

xml: readwrite:$(HOME)/.gconf

I realize these lines are already there!!

When I choose to skip setup GnuCash crashes as well.

Errors I found then:

2/18/10 9:14:03 AM    [0x0-0x259259].org.x.X11[28422]    In current input:
2/18/10 9:14:03 AM    [0x0-0x259259].org.x.X11[28422]       1: 0*
2/18/10 9:14:03 AM    [0x0-0x259259].org.x.X11[28422]    In
2/18/10 9:14:03 AM    [0x0-0x259259].org.x.X11[28422]     746: 1  (let
((sources #)) (if (list? sources) (begin # # # ...)))
2/18/10 9:14:03 AM    [0x0-0x259259].org.x.X11[28422]       ...
2/18/10 9:14:03 AM    [0x0-0x259259].org.x.X11[28422]     748: 2  (begin # #
# ...)
2/18/10 9:14:03 AM    [0x0-0x259259].org.x.X11[28422]     749: 3*
[simple-format #t "Found Finance::Quote version ~A" "1.15"]
2/18/10 9:14:03 AM    [0x0-0x259259].org.x.X11[28422]
/opt/local/share/gnucash/guile-modules/gnucash/price-quotes.scm:749:7: In
procedure write_all in expression (simple-format #t "Found Finance::Quote
version ~A" ...):
2/18/10 9:14:03 AM    [0x0-0x259259].org.x.X11[28422]
Device not configured

> Dan
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