Failed zlib check...

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Tue Jan 5 16:45:39 PST 2010

On Jan 5, 2010, at 18:36, dreamcat four wrote:

> I tried installing some new software today which required a `port upgrade curl`.
> After a `port selfupdate`, then upgrading Curl failed with:
> --->  Computing dependencies for curl
> --->  Configuring curl
> Error: Target org.macports.configure returned: lipo: can't open input
> file: /opt/local/lib/libz.dylib (No such file or directory)
> Error: Unable to upgrade port: 1
> Before reporting a bug, first run the command again with the -d flag
> to get complete output.
> It seems that zlib (port install zlib) had not installed its library
> as a dylib, but there was a static lib there "zlib.a",
> Just either fix or disable the zlib check:
> /opt/local/var/macports/sources/
> - archcheck.files         lib/libz.dylib
> +# archcheck.files         lib/libz.dylib
> And that seemed to be it. The new version seems will install fine after that.
> The thing is...
> I also did a search on the ports tree for "zlib.dylib".
> There seems like about ~1 dozen Portfiles.
> Should my system have zlib.a or zlib.dylib ?
> `port upgrade -d zlib` changes nothing and returns 0.
> Should there be both ".dylib" and ".a" files or just one of the other?
> Or for sure one file and optionally (dont care about) the other?

Please don't disable the check in the curl port. It's there (and in the ~1 dozen other ports you found) for a reason.

The zlib port should provide both zlib.a and zlib.dylib. The fact that it doesn't in your case is a problem. This problem was reported once before recently:

I was unable to determine why; after rebuilding the port, the library was installed as it should. Please rebuild zlib as I showed in that ticket:

sudo port -dn upgrade --force zlib 2>&1 | tee ~/Desktop/zlib.txt

If it still doesn't provide zlib.dylib, attach zlib.txt from your desktop to that ticket and let me know (the issue tracker does not send notifications when new files are attached).

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