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Jim Busser jbusser at
Tue Jan 19 01:26:11 PST 2010

On 2009-09-03, at 1:31 AM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> If you have further questions about the Guide you would like to discuss, I invite you to ask them on the macports-users mailing list. This mailing list, macports-mgr, is for management issues, such as project membership requests.

Hi, I was briefly stumped why darwin_10 was listed as a variant on (for example) the MacPorts available ports query results for wxWidgets despite that darwin_10 was not defined within the portfile as a variant.

This remained true despite that I read Guide section 3.2, until after I played around further and queried the command line (I had been using the GUI client Porticus) and after I did eventually get to guide section 5.5.

Could you two improvements be considered to Guide section 3.2?

1. can the first sentence be shortened and a follow-on sentence inserted.

Variants are a way for port authors to provide options for a port. # truncate here.
# add
Depending on how variants are written, they may be automatic, or they may be user-selectable during the port install.

2. can a reference to more information be added after the "Note"

Variant descriptions are optional, so you may not see descriptions for all variants.
# add
Variants are further explained in the Portfile Reference section.

Should I append the above as comments to still-open ticket 18359?

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