failure of wxWidgets to build (as dependency for py26-wxpython)

Jim Busser jbusser at
Tue Jan 19 01:50:18 PST 2010

On 2010-01-18, at 6:08 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> I am able to install wxWidgets non-universal on Snow Leopard. Are you trying to build it universal? If so, that's #22815. Build it non-universal instead.

Despite ticket 22815 there seems no longer any universal option within wxWidgets to unselect, so might building non-universal depend on that I should try any or all of

1) going back and uninstalling / reinstalling python26 *without* selecting +universal

2) installing wxWidgets 2.8.9 selecting +nonmonolithic
	not that I am creating anything in Xcode, but...  ...

> If you're trying to build wxWidgets universal, then the explanation for the above error messages is that you have not first installed zlib, expat, or libsdl universal. But, doing so will not fix #22815.

3) does the caveat to install libsdl "with the correct architectures" (ticket 22815) remain, and how to do that given its portfile seems to define no user-selectable architecture options... must one reconfigure (or alter) something else in one's port system?

> Also, I can't build py26-wxpython; I get the problem in #19583.

4) retrying py26-wxpython after (1) and (2)?
	if successful, would this help close ticket 19583 ?

5) I saw an (unofficial ??) wxWidgets 2.9.0 at the following URL but is any diff against 2.8.9 inconsequential and was is a misposting that needs correction?

-- Jim

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