Installing KDE4 on macos 10.4 pcc

Marco Meijer marco at
Wed Jan 20 00:32:57 PST 2010

I installed kdebase4 on a appel powermc pcc with macos 10.4

There were some problems I encounters so here is how I solved them.


     Remove i586 from  /opt/local/etc/macport.conf


      Qt4-mac build process seems to look on the wrong location for

      It already build the same file in

      I copied it by hand in the location where it is looking

      and the building is proceeding. Is is a bug . But I think you will not
      find it in a update because then a old version of 
libQtLucene.4.dylib is
      in the right place.

           For installing the new files remove the hand made directories 


     sudo ln -s  /opt/local/bin/gcc-4.2 /opt/local/bin/gcc-apple-4.2

     sudo ln -s /opt /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.4u.sdk/opt

     needs gtkdoc-rebase installed
     sudo port install gtk-doc

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