New install, how should I set my macports.conf

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Sat Jan 23 16:47:01 PST 2010

On Jan 23, 2010, at 4:15 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

>> The rest makes sense.
>> What is the harm if you do not remove receipt packages?  I was building out some local stuff with Apple's Package Maker, using it as a glorified way to put shell scripts and a launchd item where I wanted it.  I ended with a bunch of receipts, one for each build test I ran.  I have no idea if they are harmless, or I can safely delete them, or why so many were made.
> The Mac OS X Installer installs the receipt after it's installed whatever software you're installing. I feel if you've later removed that software, the receipt has no reason to be there anymore and should be removed as well.
> The Repair Permissions feature in Disk Utility uses the receipts to determine what the correct permissions of the files should be. Having Disk Utility process receipts for software that's no longer installed wastes time.

Thank you very much.  I always knew there were a lot of people who swear by repair permissions doing a lot of magic, but wondered how if it is just using a receipt as an instruction set to apply permissions based on how the bom file tells it to be set.

Thanks, I am good to go, enjoy your weekend.
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