I need a working gdb w/gcc, g++ and gfortran on 10.6

Robert McLay mclayrt at austin.utexas.edu
Mon Jun 7 08:32:03 PDT 2010

As far as I can tell the only compiler and gdb combination that works is
the one that comes with Xcode.  Namely gcc/g++ 4.2.1.   That is fine as
long as I don't need gfortran.  I can build gcc43, gcc44 and gcc45 which
do come with gfortran but I can not get any of them to work with gdb.  I
have tried the xcode version and I've built gdb 7.1.  gdb 7.1 fails the
same way that the xcode gdb fails:  It prints a long list of files it
can not find and dies.  There is a ticket 22198 which reports this
problem.  I have found no fix for this ticket.

How does anyone do development on this system w/o being able to run the
debugger?  I have one colleague who uses gcc43 and the xcode gdb works
fine for him.   Yet there are others (like ticket 22198 and others on
the boost mailing list) where it doesn't work for them.  Is this a well
known issue?  It is not in the FAQ.

Thanks for any insight
R. McLay

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