unable to install Alpine on Mac OS X (fwd)

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Wed Jun 9 09:03:40 PDT 2010

Grr, I'd mis-remembered the address for macports-users.  This should now be 

 - Dushan 

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Subject: unable to install Alpine on Mac OS X (fwd)
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2010 10:00:55 -0600 

I had originally replied directly to Ryan Schmidt's message to me, but 
seeing no response I figured it had gotten caught by some filter or other.  
So I'm re-sending to MacPorts-users. 

 - Dushan 

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Subject: Re: unable to install Alpine on Mac OS X
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2010 11:01:51 -0600 

Ryan Schmidt writes: 

> On Jun 7, 2010, at 00:10, dushanm at spinn.net wrote:   
>> After downloading and successfully installing MacPorts 1.8.2 on a MacPro
>> (4 Intel processors) running Snow Leopard 6.3, I tried to do a port install
>> of Alpine 2.00.  This failed for what looks to be the same reason as
>> described in Ticket #24954:
>>   Undefined symbols: _libintl_setlocale 
>> My system info: 
>> [~]$ => sw_vers
>> ProductName:	Mac OS X
>> ProductVersion:	10.6.3
>> BuildVersion:	10D573 
>> [~]$ => uname -a
>> Darwin DMs-Mac-Pro.local 10.3.0 Darwin Kernel Version 10.3.0: Fri Feb 26
>> 11:58:09 PST 2010; root:xnu-1504.3.12~1/RELEASE_I386 i386   
>> Xcode:
>> Version:	3.2
>> Last Modified:	2010/6/5 3:34 PM
>> Kind:	Universal
>> 64-Bit (Intel):	Yes
>> Get Info String:	Xcode version 3.2
>> Location:	/Developer/Applications/Xcode.app    
>> I copied the output of 'sudo port -d install alpine @2.00' to a file and
>> can provide it if necessary, but my impression from the description on
>> Ticket #24954 is that the defect is still unresolved.  Is that correct? 
> It's correct the ticket is unresolved. I hadn't seen it until you pointed it out just now. I have no trouble building alpine on Snow Leopard so something is different about your system than mine. The ticket was filed by someone with a Leopard ppc machine, so I'm also testing on my Leopard ppc Mac to see if I can reproduce the problem there.   
> Could you show us what ports are installed on your system?   
> port installed | tee ~/Desktop/portsinstalled.txt   
> Then attach the file portsinstalled.txt from your desktop to your reply
> email. I wonder if you have some port installed that I don't, that's
> getting picked up by alpine and messing with things.

Ryan, thanks for the reply.  Here's the output from the above instruction
(it's short enough that I'm just embedding the resulting file here). 

=> port installed | tee ~/Desktop/portsinstalled.txt
The following ports are currently installed:
cyrus-sasl2 @2.1.23_1+kerberos (active)
db46 @4.6.21_6 (active)
expat @2.0.1_0 (active)
gettext @0.18_0 (active)
gperf @3.0.4_0 (active)
icu @4.3.4_0 (active)
libiconv @1.13.1_0 (active)
ncurses @5.7_0+darwin_10 (active)
ncursesw @5.7_0+darwin_10 (active)
openldap @2.4.21_0 (active)
openssl @0.9.8o_0+darwin (active)
perl5 @5.8.9_0 (active)
perl5.8 @5.8.9_3 (active)
zlib @1.2.5_0 (active) 

That's it.  Anything in there that raises eyebrows? 

 - Dushan

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