Can't find Kate in KDE packages

Hal Vaughan hal at
Sun Jun 13 20:41:22 PDT 2010

On Jun 13, 2010, at 11:32 PM, Scott Webster wrote:

> On Sun, Jun 13, 2010 at 8:25 PM, Hal Vaughan <hal at> wrote:
>> Finally found it through trial and error: it's in kdesdk4.
>> (Isn't one of the reasons of computers and all those wonderful commands like grep, sort, less, and so on to make it easy to find things like that?  Why can't I just search all the ports, whether installed or not, and find which one provides a particular program?)
> My understanding is that Macports just pulls the source files from the
> net and then compiles them, making any changes necessary for them to
> work on a mac.  This means that they don't really
> know/control/keep-track-of exactly what files are in the source and
> catalog them for you.  I do agree that this might be useful...

It would be a help, but if that's the case, I can see the problem: Without a description, it would be necessary to dig through a lot of files to get those answers, which means I can see why some commands only work if a program is installed.

> It is somewhat odd to me that the kate webpage says that kate is in
> kdebase and on macports (elsewhere too?) it is in kdesdk4, but I don't
> know much about kde.

I *think* that kate was a utility or an extra and wasn't in the SDK itself when I was using it for programming, but that was back in 2007 when I hit burnout and had to stop.  I was surprised to find it there, since I thought the SDK usually was specifically an SDK for writing programs for KDE, not an IDE or any kind of DE.  While I used Eclipse when doing some more complex Java, for me, Kate worked well for close to a decade as an IDE.  It gave me all I needed.  The one big feature I used in Eclipse that made a difference for me was refactoring files.

Thanks for the help, Scott!


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