MPlayer does not compile on Snow Leopard (was: Re: Gimp-gap installation error on Snow Leopard)

Jasper Frumau jasperfrumau at
Tue Jun 15 10:44:16 PDT 2010

> > This works, but port 443 is automatically used apparently. Any servers
> you know could use to test port 3690? And how did you know port 3690 was
> used in the first place?
> Because I know that the svn:// protocol (which talks to a program called
> svnserve) uses port 3690 by default.
> I don't know a good general way to discover projects that are using
> svnserve to serve their Subversion repositories (as opposed to, say, Apache,
> like MacPorts and ProjectPier do). But grepping the MacPorts portfiles
> collection for "svn://", I found the following URLs you can try:
> svn://

Jaspers-MacBook-Pro:valgrind jasper$ svn co svn://
A    trunk/
A    trunk/
A    trunk/glibc-2.X-drd.supp
A    trunk/
A    trunk/AUTHORS
A    trunk/mpi
A    trunk/mpi/mpiwrap_type_test.c
A    trunk/mpi/libmpiwrap_aix5.exp
A    trunk/mpi/libmpiwrap.c
A    trunk/mpi/
A    trunk/VEX/Makefile-icc
A    trunk/VEX/quote.txt
 U   trunk/VEX
Checked out external at revision 1983.

Checked out revision 11180.

> svn://

Jaspers-MacBook-Pro:icculus jasper$ svn co svn://
A    trunk/source
A    trunk/source/sector.c
A    trunk/source/keyboard.c
A    trunk/source/task_man.h
A    trunk/source/buildengine/buildperl.h
A    trunk/source/buildengine/buildgl.h
A    trunk/source/buildengine/a_gnu.c
A    trunk/source/buildengine/build.txt
Checked out external at revision 370.

Checked out revision 187.

> svn://

Jaspers-MacBook-Pro:mplayer jasper$ svn co svn://
svn: Can't connect to host '': Connection refused

Still  no luck with MPlayer ...... So I'd say it is something else, not a
network port issue, right?

> svn://

Jaspers-MacBook-Pro:ffmpeg jasper$ svn co svn://
svn: Can't connect to host '': Connection refused

No connection here either .... odd ...
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