NumPy, SciPy, universal builds, and default fortran compiler for scientific ports

vincent habchi vince at
Wed Jun 16 10:09:11 PDT 2010


Le 16 juin 2010 à 18:24, Adam Mercer a écrit :

> There are several tickets open regarding build issues that can
> essentially be stemmed to the problem that the NumPy and SciPy, at the
> moment, do not support universal variants. The first of which #19397
> [1] provides a solution to the universal build problem by using a
> wrapper script for the compiler.


> The solution proposed in #19397 also switches the default compiler to
> gcc44 so this may be the correct approach. What do people this  about
> bumping the default compiler to gcc44 for scientific ports (AFAICT
> there are no open tickets regarding gcc44 build issues)?

I think two preliminary steps must be done before committing: 

- Further testing, especially on the new i7 machines: gcc43 seems to be incompatible, gcc45 seems to work, but gcc44 behavior is unknown to me at this time;
- Maintainer's approval :)


PS : If gcc44 code is also incompatible with the i7 machines, we should maybe go a step further and adopt gcc45 for scientific packages…

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