NumPy, SciPy, universal builds, and default fortran compiler for scientific ports

vincent habchi vince at
Thu Jun 17 13:35:28 PDT 2010


> Yes, a lot of the ports that are 32-bit-only are because of Carbon. wxWidgets comes to mind. The developers are working on the problem; who knows how long it will take.

Yes, I know that. I am afraid the wx-cocoa part is lacking help from experienced Cocoa users. I begin to have a fairly good experience in Cocoa, but I am simply deterred by C++: that language is so awful to me that I swore to never write a line of C++ again, especially after having tasted Obj-C.

> We also have a lot of ports for old software (some of which uses Carbon and is therefore 32-bit-only) which has been abandoned upstream and will never see another update.

Couldn't we just get rid of them?


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