SDL library header issue

Michael_google gmail_Gersten keybounce at
Wed Jun 30 19:12:08 PDT 2010

>> So I just realized that I want to delete that BYTEORDER line while
>> compiling SDL. How do I tell MacPorts to let me edit the code between
>> the configuration step and the compilation step?
> You can run the phases of the install process independently.  Each
> phase you run will automatically run the "previous" phases.  So if you
> run "sudo port configure portname" it will fetch, checksum, patch and
> configure portname.  Then you can edit what you want.  Then you should
> just be able to continue with "sudo port install portname".
> Scott

Alright, lets see if I'm looking at this correctly. SDL seems strange.

stbmac:work Michael$ ls
total 0
0 SDL-1.2.14/		0 SDL-1.2.14-i386/	0 SDL-1.2.14-ppc/
stbmac:work Michael$ pwd

If I understand what's going on:
1. SDL-1.2.14 is where it was unpacked and patched.
2. The -386 and -ppc are copies that each ran configure separately.
3. SDL's SDL_config.h before configure looks good, and completely
different than SDL_config.h after configure.

4. The problem is that BYTEORDER is constant afterwards, and wrong on PPC.

Which is the better solution?
A: Fix BYTEORDER, so that the two files are different in the two
configurations, or
B: Delete BYTEORDER, and let other ifdef's fix it at compile time (the
config files are then identical)

After I make this edit, how do I make sure that MacPorts doesn't ever
decide to re-run configure?

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