port install for gtk2 fails during db46 installation

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Tue Mar 2 07:52:20 PST 2010

On Mar 2, 2010, at 09:34, Steve Hodgkinson wrote:

> I am trying to install the gtk2 port through macports. This is needed to run a colour tagging program ctag.
> I have succeeded so far in either directly using port install or downloading dist source files to satisfy the
> gtk2 dependencies.

You mean you had to manually download some distfiles and place them in /opt/local/var/macports/distfiles/${name} so that MacPorts could find them? Perhaps something is wrong with your network; usually MacPorts should be able to download distfiles correctly on its own.

> However, I am having real problems with d46 (which has been raised as a trac before by others). 

Oh? Which ticket? I see several db46 tickets but none addressing failing to fetch the patchfiles.

> sudo port install gtk gets to d46 which then fails to find the appropriate patch at a number of sites and
> the install aborts.
> I have an up to date macports, (selfupdate) which should carry the diffs (checksum error and patch details at oracle)
> mentioned in mail that appeared about a year ago in another forum.
> But no luck, repeated attempts fail to install d46 (see below);
> Last login: Tue Mar  2 15:24:35 on ttyp1
> Welcome to Darwin!
> -bash: export/opt/local/man:: No such file or directory

What's this about? I suppose you have some incorrect statement in your ~/.profile, ~/.bash_profile, ~/.bashrc or similar shell init file.

> ~ sh1$ sudo port install gtk2
> Password:
> --->  Computing dependencies for gtk2
> --->  Fetching db46
> --->  Attempting to fetch patch. from http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/berkeley-db/db/update/4.6.21/
> --->  Attempting to fetch patch. from http://lil.fr.distfiles.macports.org/db4/4.6.21_6
> --->  Attempting to fetch patch. from http://distfiles.macports.org/db4/4.6.21_6
> --->  Attempting to fetch patch. from http://aarnet.au.distfiles.macports.org/pub/macports/mpdistfiles/db4/4.6.21_6

I'm not sure why you were unable to fetch this patchfile from either of our three distfiles mirrors listed above, because the file exists on all three of them. Can you get to these three above sites by accessing those URLs in a web browser? If so, you can download the patchfiles and place them in /opt/local/var/macports/distfiles/db4/4.6.21_6 and MacPorts should find them there. And you will want to figure out why your MacPorts is unable to fetch these files on its own. Do you use a proxy on your network? If so, you may need to inform MacPorts about it; see the relevant section in /opt/local/etc/macports/macports.conf.

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