denyhosts question

Terry Barnum terry at
Tue Mar 2 13:37:13 PST 2010

The denyhosts port is listed as having only python26 as a dependency but all this was downloaded and installed:

db46 4.6.21_6
sqlite3 3.6.22_0
freetype 2.3.12_0
freetype-doc 2.3.12_0
fontconfig 2.8.0
xorg-inputproto 2.0.0
xorg-kbproto 1.0.4_0
xorg-proto 7.0.16_0
xorg-libXau 1.0.5_0
xorg-libXdmcp 1.0.3_0
xorg-utils-macros 1.6.0_0
xorg-xcmiscproto 1.2.0_0
xorg-xextproto 7.1.1_0
xorg-xf85bigfontproto 1.2.0_0
xorg-xtrans 1.2.5_0
xorg-libX11 1.3.3_0
xorg-renderproto 0.11_0
xrender 0.9.5_0
Xft2 2.1.14_0
tcl 8.5.8_0+darwin
xorg-libXext 1.1.1_0
xorg-screensaverproto 1.2.0_0
xorg-libXScrnSaver 1.2.0_0
tk 8.5.8_0+darwin
python26 2.6.4_0+darwin

Are the GUI tools, X11 and font stuff required for a port of a python script? There's no GUI to it, just a python script that outputs to text files and modifies hosts.deny.


Terry Barnum
digital OutPost
San Diego, CA

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