Port problem: GitX

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Mon Mar 15 03:13:43 PDT 2010

On Mar 14, 2010, at 23:19, Michael_google gmail_Gersten wrote:

> Kleiman-ibook:~ michael$ sudo port install -d GitX +universal | tee /tmp/curl-fail.txt
> Failed:
> checking for "/dev/urandom"... configure: error: cannot check for file existence when cross compiling
> Error: The following dependencies failed to build: git-core curl p5-error rsync popt
> The full error log is attached.

You need to do what it says in your attachment:

Before reporting a bug, first run the command again with the -d flag to get complete output.

Otherwise, there's not a lot of info to go on.

Once you've rerun with the debug switch, file this as a ticket in the issue tracker.

I see you're building universal for ppc and i386, and that you're on an iBook. Do you really need to build universal? What benefit does building the Intel code give you on a PowerPC Mac? I recommend you simply don't use the universal variant to avoid this error.

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