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Michael_google gmail_Gersten keybounce at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 09:50:58 PDT 2010

> > Kleiman-ibook:~ michael$ sudo port install -d GitX +universal | tee /tmp/curl-fail.txt

> Before reporting a bug, first run the command again with the -d flag to get complete output.

Thankfully, someone mentioned that the -d goes before the install, not after.

> I see you're building universal for ppc and i386, and that you're on an iBook. Do you really need to build universal? What benefit does building the Intel code give you on a PowerPC Mac? I recommend you simply don't use the universal variant to avoid this error.

On occasion, I do need to do universal compiles. For example, I'm the
only person who is interested in UfoAI that can compile PPC/i386 for
distribution of the test/debug versions.

As I discovered last year, in order to do a universal compile,
EVERYTHING needs to be universal. If there was even one piece already
installed that did not have +universal, it would fail; the best and
simplest solution was to just put +universal on everything.

In fairness, this was either right at the switch to 1.8, or the last
of the 1.7 branches; things may have been patched since then.

As it is, I'm trying to get ahold of a project (Dasher) that is only
available via git; there is no precompiled mac version of Dasher
(yet), nor is there apparently a precompiled version of git.

So, I'm making a universal version of git that can then be distributed
(hopefully/maybe); followed by a universal version of Dasher that
can/will be.

So, to give away universal versions of:
Git (?)
I need to compile universal even though I only run PPC.
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