Encountering error in upgrade of subversion

Kok-Yong Tan ktan at realityartisans.com
Sun Mar 21 12:45:14 PDT 2010

On Mar 21, 2010, at 13:13, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> On Mar 21, 2010, at 00:52, Kok-Yong Tan wrote:
>> On Mar 20, 2010, at 16:22, Rainer Müller wrote:
>>>  sudo port deactivate cyrus-sasl2
>>>  sudo port clean cyrus-sasl2
>>>  sudo port upgrade cyrus-sasl2
>> Many thanks for the reply.  I did as you recommended and that got  
>> me over that obstacle.  Then it happened again.
> You mean: then a different error happened. Can't be the same error,  
> since you said you overcame it, and the ticket Rainer pointed you  
> to was specific to cyrus-sasl2.

Correct.  Sorry for the imprecision in wording on my part.  What I  
meant was that the build of subversion halted again.

>> This time, after also doing a deactivate, clean and install on  
>> subversion 1.6.5, I watched the build long enough to see it  
>> complain about my version of ruby being too outdated for  
>> subversion to use.  When I scrolled back (thank goodness for  
>> sufficiently big scroll buffers) over the previous subversion  
>> build failure's output, I noticed that despite it also making the  
>> same complaint about ruby being too outdated for subversion 1.6.5  
>> to use, the build had continued until it crapped out about an hour  
>> later instead of acknowledging the critical dependency on ruby  
>> versions and just stopping at that point so it would be obvious  
>> what the issue was.  I discovered that if I manually built the  
>> latest version of ruby and then went back to do a deactivate,  
>> clean and install, subversion 1.6.5 built and installed without  
>> problems.  FYI.
> First, please confirm: you have subversion 1.6.5? The subversion  
> port is at version 1.6.9.

Yes, confirmed:  subversion 1.6.5 is what got built as the "latest"  
by MacPorts.

> If your subversion port is at version 1.6.5, you are out of date;  
> "sudo port selfupdate" to update your port definitions, then "sudo  
> port upgrade outdated" to upgrade all outdated ports. Then "sudo  
> port clean subversion" and try again.
> Before you try again, make sure you remove anything you have in / 
> usr/local; it often interferes with MacPorts.

Doing that now.  It's doing a massive rebuild across the board.

> If you still see the problem, file a bug report. The subversion  
> port does not declare a dependency on the ruby port, therefore  
> subversion should not be using ruby. If subversion is using ruby,  
> it needs to either declare a dependency, or be made not to use ruby  
> even when it is installed.

Will do.

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