Is there a way to get the previous version of any package?

Kok-Yong Tan ktan at
Tue Mar 23 22:04:09 PDT 2010

I'm experiencing an issue with zlib where it won't read any  
previously saved files that a previous version of wireshark used to  
read without problems.  What is odd is that while the latest version  
of wireshark (1.2.6) compiles and runs fine under X11, it only reads  
the first couple of dozen packets of a live capture off the wire and  
then seems to stop capturing (the window doesn't continue to scroll  
upwards with fresh packets like it used to do).  Then when I  
explicitly stop the capture by clicking on the "Stop Capture" button,  
I get the following error:

The capture file appears to be damaged or corrupt (pcap: File has  
4294901760-byte packet, bigger than maximum of 65535)

which is odd considering I didn't ask it to save anything and just  
stop the capture, leaving what it's captured in the buffer to be  
trashed when I quit out of wireshark.  Someone on the wireshark  
mailing list thinks that it could be due to changes in zlib 1.2.4  
that wasn't there in zlib 1.2.3.  As such, I'm trying to uninstall  
zlib 1.2.4 and recompile wireshark 1.2.6 with version 1.2.3 of the  
zlib package just to see if he's right.

The details are as follows:

1.  Xcode 2.5 installed
2.  MacOS 10.4.11
3.  Dual 2GHz G5 tower

I unfortunately wiped the whole MacPorts tree to start afresh (i.e.,  
I removed the entire /opt/local/* subtree) and I know for sure that  
wireshark had no issues reading nor live capturing until I did so.   
Duh.  Live and learn...
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