almost 20GB lost on "scribus" compile...get it back?

AinSophAur33 allmusicpwns at
Sun Mar 28 18:40:44 PDT 2010

I installed MacPorts specifically to use Scribus, which is like MS Publisher
for those who don't know. Before I began to install (sudo port install
scribus), I had more than 22 GB free on my HD. Partway through, I saw that I
now only had 3 GB free, so I aborted the install and uninstalled what was
there. (I now know this to have been foolish, but what's done is done.)

But now, even with that uninstalled, I'm still at only 3 GB of free hard
disk space, and it's decreasing it a swapfile that I missed?
Is there any way I can get that 20 GB back?

Thanks in advance!
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