python setuptools/distribute in macports

Alan Franzoni mailing at
Mon Mar 29 14:44:15 PDT 2010

On 3/29/10 10:14 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> I seem to recall that was proposed as well. I don't know the python
> ports so I'll defer to someone who does.
> I did notice one py26 port I used yesterday which seemed to
> specifically want distribute and not setuptools; I have setuptools
> installed, and this port downloaded distribute of its own accord. So
> perhaps we should switch to distribute for py26 already. The question
> is whether there is any port that requires setuptools and cannot use
> distribute.

If such a thing should occur, it would be a bug, and I'm sure Tarek
Ziade would fix it quickly. Distribute is a *fork* and seems to have won
around the Python community, giving to the fact that is pretty well
maintained *and* developed.

I just don't know about compatibility with older versions. Distribute is
fine with python >= 2.5, but I haven't tested it on python 2.4.

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