Computer locks up during "port install" process

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Mon Mar 29 18:41:29 PDT 2010

On Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 6:11 PM, Murdachaew, Garold
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> Now I am trying to install openmpi.  However, the computer locks up (for over an hour, until I did a hard reboot) at the point of attempting to install a supposedly needed dependency, a new gcc:
> $ sudo port install openmpi
> Password:
> --->  Computing dependencies for openmpi
> --->  Staging gcc43 into destroot
> Is it trying to re-compile the kernel with gcc43?  I already have a working version of gcc (granted, an older version):

I don't know anything about the dependencies for openmpi, so can't
really offer any help with that regards.

It's quite possible that it wasn't actually locked up, you just didn't
see any activity occuring that was going on in the background. Try
using -d to verify that it's not truly locked up. Unless of course
your system truly locked up and you couldn't do anything on the
computer whatsoever. so instead the command would be:

sudo port -d install openmpi

This way you can see the actual compile process that's ongoing and can
verify if the progress has actually stalled or is still in the
compiling stage.

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