Offer to beta test ports with potential 32 bit Intel Core Duo issues.

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sat May 1 09:40:53 PDT 2010

On May 1, 2010, at 10:37, Steve Morris wrote:

> I have an early Intel MacMini with 32 bit Intel Core Duo. My
> difficulties getting kdenlive to install makes me realize that there
> issues specific to this platform, particularly with extended assembler
> code, that developers with newer 64 bit Macs can't test. If people are
> willing to hand hold me as I learn my way around port development I am
> willing to do test installs to help people trying to get ports to work
> on this platform.

Thank you for the offer!

> Because iPhone/iPad development tools require the very latest release
> of OS X and xcode (sometimes even beta versions) that is the only
> environment I can test with.

FYI the iPhone OS 4 beta 1 and 2 SDKs have already been shown to cause problems building several ports, as such we can't support using MacPorts with them. (We've already been closing tickets filed as such as invalid.)

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