Atlas universal portfile

vincent habchi vince at
Tue May 11 11:32:10 PDT 2010

Hi there,

after much delay (due to the ongoing development of a Cocoa project), and many apologies, I have put at this address:

a portfile suitable to build a "universal" version of the atlas package.

But do not expect miracles:

1. By universal I mean "two-way universal": i386/x86-64 or ppc/ppc64 (the latter is untested). There is no way to build a full 4-way universal build;

2. To build the two-way universal version, you'll have to add the --enable-multilib option while building gcc. This is not done in any of the gccXX Portfiles, don't ask me why, I have requested it more than once. Building with multilib enabled works out of the box for gcc44 and gcc45, you just have to add the --enable-multilib to the configure.args variable (tested today on gcc45).

The portfile allows you to choose between gcc43/gcc44 (default)/gcc45 by specifying an option. It should build one-way (tested on x86-64) and two-way binaries all right. The Portfile itself is reasonably well commented, but it uses a non-standard 2 spaces tab stop.

Please let me know of any difficulty or bug.

Have fun,

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