error building Octave in parallel

Liam Groener liamg at
Wed May 12 17:42:13 PDT 2010

On May 12, 2010, at 5:00 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> Did you not update your ports in awhile, or backdate your ports? If so, "sudo port selfupdate" to update them again, then try again.

port -v
MacPorts 1.8.2

which I believe is the current version.

> Or, did you create a local port repository containing this older version of octave? If so, remove octave from your local port repository and try again.

I didn't do anything special. octave is installed in /opt/local/bin

ls -Fa /opt/local/bin

gives (along with a lot of other stuff):

doxytag*				octave@
dprofpp*				        octave-3.2.3*
dt2dv*					octave-bug@
dumphint*				octave-bug-3.2.3*
dv2dt*					octave-config@
dvi2fax*				         octave-config-3.2.3*

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