Installing Quartz GnuCash

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon May 17 18:03:00 PDT 2010

On May 17, 2010, at 12:11, Glenn Hoffman wrote:

> --->  Configuring xorg-libXi

> checking for XI... configure: error: Package requirements (xproto >= 7.0.13 x11 >= xextproto >= 7.0.3 xext >= inputproto >= were not met:
> Requested 'x11 >=' but version of X11 is 1.2.2
> Requested 'inputproto >=' but version of InputProto is 1.5.1

>  xorg-inputproto @1.5.1_0 (active)

>  xorg-libX11 @1.2.2_0 (active)

Your ports are out of date. Specifically, as the error says, your xorg-libX11 is less than version and your xorg-inputproto is less than version xorg-libX11 was updated to version 1.3.0 in r62825 (2010-01-18) and xorg-inputproto was updated to version 2.0 in r58635 (2009-10-01) so your ports are quite out of date and you just need to selfupdate to get the new port definitions and then upgrade outdated ports. This should be part of your regular workflow before you attempt to install new ports.

# clean out the failed xorg-libXi build attempt
sudo port clean xorg-libXi

# update MacPorts base if necessary and get new port definitions
sudo port selfupdate

# show which ports are outdated (optional)
port outdated

# upgrade all outdated ports
sudo port upgrade outdated

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