Uninstall MacPorts with no password

Paul Morgan paulmorgan at farrellheyworth.co.uk
Tue May 18 02:26:58 PDT 2010

I have snow leopard OS and wanted to install Python 2.5 so I can write code 
for Google App Engine.

I found that MacPorts is an easy way to install Python 2.5, so I installed 
MacPorts and installed Python 2.5 using it.

The install failed to complete and raised errors.

Digging around I found the errors are because Python 2.5 is already 
installed on Snow Leopard, so all I have done is corrupt my pre-exisitng 

I now want to remove the files added by MacPorts and then uninstall 

I am typing sudo port -f uninstall installed.

This asks me for a password to proceed.

I have no password. I have never been given a password by MacPorts and I do 
not have a password set up on my Mac.

However, when I click Return after being prompted for a password it says 
Sorry, try again.

Any clues? Help? Can I remove the software in any other way?

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