Uninstall MacPorts with no password

Joshua Root jmr at macports.org
Tue May 18 03:15:01 PDT 2010

On 2010-5-18 19:26 , Paul Morgan wrote:
> I have snow leopard OS and wanted to install Python 2.5 so I can write
> code for Google App Engine.
> I found that MacPorts is an easy way to install Python 2.5, so I
> installed MacPorts and installed Python 2.5 using it.
> The install failed to complete and raised errors.
> Digging around I found the errors are because Python 2.5 is already
> installed on Snow Leopard, so all I have done is corrupt my pre-exisitng
> installation.

What makes you think that? MacPorts installs Python to a completely
different place than the copy Apple ships. The python25 port installs
fine for me on 10.6.

> I now want to remove the files added by MacPorts and then uninstall
> MacPorts.
> I am typing /sudo port -f uninstall installed./
> /
> /
> /This asks me for a password to proceed./
> I have no password. I have never been given a password by MacPorts and I
> do not have a password set up on my Mac.

How did you install the ports in the first place? That requires using
sudo too in the default configuration shipped on the disk image.

> However, when I click Return after being prompted for a password it says
> /Sorry, try again/.
> Any clues? Help? Can I remove the software in any other way?

If you don't actually have any ports installed, you can just remove the
list of directories given in the next step of the uninstall
instructions. If you do, then run the uninstall command however you
originally ran the install command.

- Josh

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