After latest updates, Gramps crashes on startup - workround

David Rowe drowe at
Tue May 18 04:46:53 PDT 2010

On 18/05/2010 12:20, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

>  On May 18, 2010, at 06:15, David Rowe wrote:
>  . . .
>  Gramps no longer starts:
. . .
>  Looks like Gramps is a python script, and it's mentioning a locale error, so you could try downgrading gettext or python26 to see if that brings back functionality.

Ok - I tried reverting as follows:

bash-3.2# port deactivate gettext @0.18_0
bash-3.2# port activate gettext @0.17_4
bash-3.2# port deactivate python26 @2.6.5_1+darwin
bash-3.2# port activate python26 @2.6.5_0+darwin
bash-3.2# port deactivate glib2 @2.24.1_0+darwin
bash-3.2# port activate glib2 @2.22.5_0+darwin
bash-3.2# port deactivate gtk2 @2.20.1_0+x11
bash-3.2# port activate gtk2 @2.18.8_0+x11
bash-3.2# port deactivate atk @1.30.0_0
bash-3.2# port activate atk @1.28.0_0

And now Gramps works again - but I am not sure exactly what fixed the
Reverting gettext and python26 alone didn't cure the problem.
I took a guess at glib2 but that crashed with incompatible gtk2 - that
in turn crashed with incompatible atk

Does this look like a gramps issue or a macports issue?


david Rowe

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