Bobby kalamazoo+macportsusers at
Tue May 18 08:09:15 PDT 2010

I'm attempting to install a package called libSVM on my mac, but it doesn't
go as described in the instructions. Could someone please tell me how to
know if it's been installed properly?

My command history:

staff-roro-0:dports bobby$ pwd

staff-roro-0:dports bobby$ sudo mkdir libsvm

staff-roro-0:dports bobby$ sudo port install libsvm
--->  Computing dependencies for libsvm
--->  Cleaning libsvm

I don't see all of the output as described at the link above.

Also, a concern is that after I installed darwin ports, I only saw a path up
to "/opt/local/bin". There were no additional folders, i.e. as the
instructions say: "/opt/local/bin/portslocation/dports".  Is this a problem?

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