Joshua Root jmr at
Tue May 18 08:50:37 PDT 2010

On 2010-5-19 01:09 , Bobby wrote:
> I'm attempting to install a package called libSVM on my mac, but it
> doesn't go as described in the instructions. Could someone please tell
> me how to know if it's been installed properly?

That site contains a lot of incorrect information. See

> My command history:
> staff-roro-0:dports bobby$ pwd
> /opt/local/bin/portslocation/dports
> staff-roro-0:dports bobby$ sudo mkdir libsvm

This is unnecessary at best.

> staff-roro-0:dports bobby$ sudo port install libsvm
> --->  Computing dependencies for libsvm
> --->  Cleaning libsvm

Looks like libsvm is already installed.

> I don't see all of the output as described at the link above.
> Also, a concern is that after I installed darwin ports, I only saw a
> path up to "/opt/local/bin". There were no additional folders, i.e. as
> the instructions say: "/opt/local/bin/portslocation/dports".  Is this a
> problem?

You'll want /opt/local/bin in your PATH.
"/opt/local/bin/portslocation/dports" is nonsense.

- Josh

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