Graphviz Installed With MacPorts Problem

Amanda Mays amays.fl at
Thu May 20 11:48:45 PDT 2010


I installed Graphviz with MacPorts as well as the GUI software.  I am on a
MacBook using Doxygen.  In the config file, I checked HAVE_DOT and chose
for the path.  No graphs run.  I get this error:

Generating graph info page...

sh: dot: command not found

Problems running dot: exit code=127, command='dot',
arguments='"/Users/amandamays/Documents/Doxygen Documentation
Sets/html/" -Tpng -o "/Users/amandamays/Documents/Doxygen
Documentation Sets/html/graph_legend.png"'

My dot file is in /usr/local/bin.  What am I doing wrong?  Any help would be


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