Joshua Root jmr at
Tue May 25 10:03:27 PDT 2010

On 2010-5-25 16:00 , David Epstein wrote:
> Having recently upgraded from MacOsX 10.4.11 to 10.5.8, and run into trouble
> with updating my MacPorts installation, Ryan Schmidt kindly pointed me to
> the web page
> This all worked fine, and the script restore_ports.tcl, available on that
> page, worked without complaint.
> Thank you everyone.
> I did however wonder what was the reasoning behind leaving an apparently
> random selection of the ports in an inactive state. The output from the
> script shows that some ports are first activated and then, immediately
> afterwards, deactivated.

The selection is not random; if you had a given port installed multiple
times (i.e. with different versions and/or variants), the script will
deactivate the ones that were inactive after it installs them. You may
not get quite the behaviour you'd expect from the script as it stands,
partly because only the latest version is available to install. I think
there are some comments in the script about this.

- Josh

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