use port to install WordPress, then use WP's updater?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sat Oct 2 17:25:37 PDT 2010

On Oct 2, 2010, at 19:19, Michael Brian Bentley wrote:

> The current MacPorts install for WordPress is for v2.8.4. v3 of WordPress was made available in mid-June, and currently they're at 3.0.1.
> I am wondering:
> Can I use the MacPorts install for WordPress v2.8.4, and then use their automatic updater to bring the installation up to the current revision?

MacPorts wants to be in control of updates. Any auto-updaters included with any software installed by MacPorts should really be turned off by MacPorts. Not all ports do this; don't know if the wordpress port does. If you run an autoupdater inside a program installed by MacPorts (such as wordpress), MacPorts will have a skewed view of the world: "port installed wordpress" would show the old version when in fact you have the new version. And unless the new version has exactly the same complement of files as the old version (which is frequently not the case), MacPorts won't be able to cleanly uninstall it for you later. So, you should not attempt to use an autoupdater in a program installed by MacPorts. "sudo port upgrade" should be the only way you upgrade ports.

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