use port to install WordPress, then use WP's updater?

Bill Christensen billc_lists at
Sun Oct 3 01:33:35 PDT 2010

At 5:19 PM -0700 10/2/10, Michael Brian Bentley wrote:
>The current MacPorts install for WordPress is for v2.8.4. v3 of 
>WordPress was made available in mid-June, and currently they're at 
>I am wondering:
>Can I use the MacPorts install for WordPress v2.8.4, and then use 
>their automatic updater to bring the installation up to the current 

WordPress is so simple to install I'm surprised there's even a port 
for it.  If you haven't installed yet, just use the WP installer - it 
literally takes about 5 minutes.  Just set up your db, enter your db 
login details into the config file, and go to the url for the site.

Upgrades are pretty simple too in most cases.  Make a backup of both 
the files and the database (there's a plugin which automates getting 
a sql dump)  then download the 3.0.1 files and replace the existing 
ones (except the config file and the wp-content folder, both of which 
contain specifics of your site).  Log in to the admin and it should 
update the database.

If for some reason anything breaks, restore the original files and 
database...  The only reason you're likely to have any problem 
updating is if one of the plugins or the theme you're using isn't up 
to date.

You should definitely update.  A number of security fixes have been 
put in place since 2.8.4.

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