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Mon Oct 4 13:29:13 PDT 2010

On Mon, 4 Oct 2010 15:11:40 -0500, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at macports.org> wrote 
to "Daniel J. Luke" <dluke at geeklair.net> and CC-ed to infrabit at infrabit.net, 
MacPorts Users <macports-users at lists.macosforge.org>:
> "notes" is still a bit of a new feature in MacPorts, so you may run into
> ports that display a post-install message but which is not accessible via
> "port notes"; this is probably a bug that should be reported in the issue
> tracker.
> The exception is if the message concerns the creation and use of a startup
> item; this message is generated by MacPorts base and not by the port
> itself. This message is not repeated by "port notes"; perhaps it should
> be.

Hi Daniel and Ryan,

Thanks for helping out.

I find Gentoo Linux Portage and 'elogv' very similar to MacPorts and I reckon 
that it makes my life easier being able to remotely admin my daughter's MacBook 
without a GUI (I got into this is because of the "xinput" issue in Inkscape and 
Gimp which apparently is fixed by recompiling GTK, but this is not a topic I 
will detail here of course ;)).

I'll keep your email handy for future until I gather enough useful information 
for a bug report.

Related to this, how do you display the installed date for all the ports? I 
don't mind having to parse a log file either so I can make sure I haven't 
missed any notes.


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