Problems w/ MacFUSE & SSHFS

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Thu Oct 21 12:24:15 PDT 2010

On Oct 21, 2010, at 14:06, Johannes Ruscheinski wrote:

> Also, I am not entirely a "normal" user.  I am a programmer who is
> currently stuck in Java hell. Formerly I was a C++ developer.  I do
> need to run a 64-bit JVM very occasionally because we sometimes deal
> with huge datasets.   This implies that I simply run a 64-bit JVM all
> the time.  I don't necessarily need to do this on my own laptop, but,
> I do like being able to do it.

But again none of that necessitates using a 64-bit kernel.

> Also, I think that 32-bit environments
> are on their way out apart from embedded applications.  I really
> wonder wether Lion will even support running on 32-bit hardware any
> longer?

IMHO it's a little early for them to be dropping OS support for any Intel Mac, the first line of which were 32-bit only. But I have no idea what their plans are.

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