MacOS 10.6.7: OpenCV + Python27

Brickle Macho bricklemacho at
Tue Apr 5 20:22:11 PDT 2011

> It builds fine for me, and those last 20 lines of log don't seem to be enough to be able to tell what went wrong. You're building with 4 jobs ("-j4") so the real error could be hundreds of lines back.
> Please clean and try again:
> sudo port clean opencv
> sudo port install opencv +python27
> If it fails again, please file a bug report in the issue tracker and include the entire main.log file. (You'll probably want to compress it before attaching it since it will be large.)

Followed above instructions, still no luck.  Bug report logged with
main.log attached.

In the short term, I am have built OpenCV using source from WillowGarage
and it appears to be working with python.  Still be good to have it all
managed under MacPorts.

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