I can't find file `pcrr8t' ... urgent!?

Virginia Azzolini virginia.azzolini at cern.ch
Wed Apr 27 10:34:31 PDT 2011

dear Dan and everybody that replied to me,

you were right.
I installed the  texlive-fonts-recommended and the 
texlive-latex-recommended and now it seems working well.

thanks a lot to everybody for the support

On 4/27/11 7:23 PM, Dan Ports wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 06:36:20PM +0200, Virginia Azzolini wrote:
>> I download from macport the texlive-latex pkg on my laptop; uploaded to
>> yesterday.
>> from running>  latex skeleton.tex I got the following* message.
>> could someone indicate me which additional pkg i need to download to
>> find pcrr8t module or a work around to this problem?
> pcrr8t is in the port texlive-fonts-recommended.
> If you installed only texlive-latex you will likely have other problems
> too; this is the absolute minimum installation necessary to run LaTeX
> but does not include any of the add-on packages people usually use.
> You probably want to install the texlive metaport, which contains the
> most common packages.
> Dan

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