Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Wed Apr 27 17:50:32 PDT 2011

On Apr 27, 2011, at 19:31, Roger Pack wrote:

> I did a $ sudo port install wine
> it eventually overheated my [poorly fanned] macbook, causing a system reboot.
> Now when I re-run it, I get this seg fault:

I'm not sure how to read that exactly. It looks like it's having trouble getting registry entries. Perhaps the registry got corrupted when your machine rebooted during the last install. (Does the output from "port installed" still look reasonable?) If it's corrupted, someone with more knowledge of the registry and MacPorts' inner workings will have to speak up and see if we can fix your registry.

Then again, there could be hardware issues involved. MacPorts should not segfault; I don't think I've ever had MacPorts crash. Macs also don't normally spontaneously reboot.

You should test your hardware, for example using the Apple Hardware Test that came with your Mac and/or TechTool Deluxe (which would have come with an AppleCare Protection Plan).

If you believe overheating is an issue, you may want to instruct MacPorts to build using only one core: edit macports.conf and set buildmakejobs to 1. Ports may build more slowly, but shouldn't heat the system as much. Try adding external cooling. (Point a fan at the MacBook.) If it's getting hot, pause the installation for awhile and wait for the system to cool (i.e. for the fans to slow down) before resuming. (Pause MacPorts (or any terminal command) by pressing Control-Z; to resume it later, type "fg".)

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