Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Thu Apr 28 07:29:09 PDT 2011

On Apr 27, 2011, at 21:06, Jason Swails wrote:

>> wine should also work. The choice between wine and wine-devel is whether you want the stable version
> Ah, for me it said wine wouldn't work for me -- I had to install wine-devel instead. I forget why, it was a long time ago. I thought maybe the portfile was hacked to remove this check

wine 1.0.x was not compatible with Snow Leopard; if you tried to install wine 1.0.x on Snow Leopard it would tell you to use wine-devel instead until wine 1.2.0 was released. When wine was updated to 1.2.0 last year, that message was removed from the port.

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