How to install a perl packages that is not available in mac port?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sun Aug 14 07:29:25 PDT 2011

On Aug 14, 2011, at 09:22, Peng Yu wrote:

> I'm wondering how to install a perl package if it is not available on
> mac port. I remember that I can not use cpan, as it will mess up with
> port installation.

Correct, using cpan, or other non-MacPorts methods, to install files into the MacPorts prefix, is not recommended.

> I tried the following. But I'm not sure how to install once the
> package is built on my machine.

Using cpan2port is a great way to get a start at a Portfile that can be used to install the port.

Testing a local portfile is easy. Simply "cd" into the new port's directory and type "sudo port install". 

Once you have a port that works, you can submit it by creating a ticket in the issue tracker.

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