double port entries?

Terry Barnum terry at
Tue Aug 30 15:29:23 PDT 2011

Just added a couple ports (imagemagick, qrencode) and noticed some duplicate port entries. Is this normal or have I borked something up? I recall using Migration Assistant to move to this machine earlier this year from another SL Mac.

$ port list installed | uniq -d
ffmpeg                         @0.7.1          multimedia/ffmpeg
freetype                       @2.4.6          print/freetype
jpeg                           @8c             graphics/jpeg
libidn                         @1.22           mail/libidn
libpng                         @1.4.8          graphics/libpng
libtool                        @2.4            devel/libtool
ncurses                        @5.9            devel/ncurses
ncursesw                       @5.8            devel/ncursesw
openssl                        @1.0.0d         devel/openssl
p7zip                          @9.20.1         archivers/p7zip
perl5                          @5.12.3         lang/perl5
perl5.8                        @5.8.9          lang/perl5.8
pkgconfig                      @0.26           devel/pkgconfig
python27                       @2.7.2          lang/python27
sqlite3                        @        databases/sqlite3
tiff                           @3.9.5          graphics/tiff
x264                           @20110628       multimedia/x264
xorg-inputproto                @2.0.2          x11/xorg-inputproto
xorg-libX11                    @1.4.4          x11/xorg-libX11
xorg-libXrandr                 @1.3.2          x11/xorg-libXrandr
xorg-util-macros               @1.15.0         x11/xorg-util-macros
xorg-xproto                    @7.0.22         x11/xorg-xproto
XviD                           @1.3.2          multimedia/XviD


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