Can I fix bugs in the source of a port and use macports to build and install?

Michael Jonas micheljonas at
Sun Feb 6 16:59:31 PST 2011

I am new to macports and I have just completed a very convenient
installation of OpenCV.

In OpenCV I ran into a Cocoa UI problem and try to find the cause. I used
the port build command to get the source and build it - and I think I have
discovered the issue.

Now comes my question - can I continue to use the port somehow to fix and
test the fix? I tried to use individual calls to download and build - but as
soon as I do install it also does a clean..

Is there any type of recommended practice that deals with fixing bugs in the
source of ports?

(Sorry I tried my best scanning the documentation for keywords - but I did
not find anything related....)

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