Can I fix bugs in the source of a port and use macports to build and install?

Scott Webster sewebster at
Sun Feb 6 22:14:40 PST 2011

Don't have time for a super detailed response right now, but:

I'd set up a local portfile repository, probably containing just the
one portfile (should be instructions in the guide or on the website
somewhere).  Then make a patch file that fixes the problem you want to
correct in the source, and add it to your local portfile so it gets
applied before building.  Dealing with patchfiles is also covered in
the guide.  Of course, submitting the patch upstream or even for
inclusion in the macports portfile could work too.


On Sun, Feb 6, 2011 at 4:59 PM, Michael Jonas <micheljonas at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to macports and I have just completed a very convenient
> installation of OpenCV.
> In OpenCV I ran into a Cocoa UI problem and try to find the cause. I used
> the port build command to get the source and build it - and I think I have
> discovered the issue.
> Now comes my question - can I continue to use the port somehow to fix and
> test the fix? I tried to use individual calls to download and build - but as
> soon as I do install it also does a clean..
> Is there any type of recommended practice that deals with fixing bugs in the
> source of ports?
> (Sorry I tried my best scanning the documentation for keywords - but I did
> not find anything related....)
> -michael
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